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Pega Application Development Services

Pega systems is a low-code platform that provides an environment for the development of apps. Using the Pega systems platform for developing software for CRM, DPA, and BPA, Polosoft is one of the leading consulting companies that provide streams for the front-end and back-end business process. Leveraging modern applications and technologies make maintenance and operations very complex. We help companies to improve the digital customer experience.

Software Application for pulverizing complicacy

By harnessing the Pega platform, we create apps to engage the customer with your product and services. The Polosoft’s team of experts has enviable experience in integrating smart bots, artificial intelligence with apps to help you make better decisions in less time. With low-code platforms like Pega, a non-technical company now easily visualizes business-critical processes and identifies process performance.

Pega System Consulting Services at Polosoft

Get the complete Pega consulting services to enhance the customer experience. Our services include:

Pega Consultation

Pega Consultation

  • Get consulting team for Pega app development
  • Get instant high-quality applications
  • Seamlessly implementing Pega strategy to enhance business as per needs
Pega Development Services

Pega Development Services

  • Pega Business Process Design
  • Pega Development
  • Business process optimization with Pega
  • Integrating Pega products with existing technology stacks
Pega Implementation Services

Pega Implementation Services

  • Pega system implementations in BPM, CRM, and Case Management
  • Business rules automate complicated processes
  • AI-powered intelligent sales automation
Pega Migration Services

Pega Migration Services

  • Facilitates data migration
  • Determine the best approach for migration
  • Relocating data from an on-premise to a private or public cloud.
  • Evaluate application performance after migration
Pega Software Maintenance and Support

Pega Software Maintenance and Support

  • Delivering security and reliability with app developments
  • Follows industries-standard patch process to fix a bug
  • Provide seamless support to upgrade the latest minor release
Pega Testing and Analysis

Pega Testing and Analysis

  • Pega customer analytics provide the real-time intelligence
  • Pega BPM automates the operation hence improve business agility
  • Using predictive analytics to increase customer value

Pega PRPC Frameworks

Platform Frameworks

  • Integrated Work Manager
  • Autonomous Event
  • Integrated Work Manager
  • Business Rules engine

Foundation Framework

  • Insurance, Healthcare
  • Customer process
  • Financial service

Vertical Framework

  • Financial accounting
  • Smart Dispute
  • CPM, Claims

Industry We Serve Pega Consulting Services

We collaborate Pega platform to create industry-leading solutions for customer engagement and operational excellence to set you apart from the competition.

Industrial Benefits of Using Pega Platform

Pega Platform adds an amicable set of activities that make your business more agile and nimb. With several Pega benefits, you can provide end-to-end digital customer experience in a much faster way.

  • Get a high-performance platform to reduce costs.
  • Improved business agility
  • Easily adaptable applications
  • Provide an elegant and intuitive user interface
  • Support dynamic case management capabilities
  • enable better business-IT collaboration.
  • Easier application enhancements and maintenance.

Hiring Models

Based on project consultation, choose our flexible engagement models.

  • Full-time Pricing Model
  • Hourly Pricing Model
  • Hire Fixed Cost Project-based Developers
  • Offshore Development Center

Polosoft makes better Pega consulting decisions and gets work done with real-time AI and intelligent automation. Email us to know more details about your next project.

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