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CRM Software Development Company

CRM is software that manages relationships between enterprises and customers. A company needs CRM solutions to improve the customer relationship and grow business simultaneously. Reinvent your business with Polosoft Development company and turn your leads into prospects. CRM is a multifaceted platform where an enterprise brings sales, marketing, customer support activities, and business processes in one place.

Without integrating CRM solutions, a company may lose major opportunities that are helpful for business growth. To make your business venture efficient, we at Polosoft provide you the best custom CRM software development services in the industry. We help you retain your customer relationship, maintain tracks of customer interaction and optimize the operating processes.

Customize Dynamic CRM Development Services

Strong CRM services cover various customer points of interaction and offer customized facilities as per business needs that the Polosoft CRM services all about.

CRM Consultation Services

CRM Consultation Services

  • Convert scattered customer data into unified customer data.
  • Improves lead conversion.
  • Increases sales rates
  • Provide CRM consultation to B2C and B2B companies
CRM Implementation

CRM Implementation

  • Following proper implementation process
  • Working closely with clients to understand CRM needs and necessities
  • Tailoring CRM implementation approach
  • Determining the best CRM solution for improving clients business
Data Migration into New CRM

Data Migration into New CRM

  • Before migrating, we analyze data that a client wants to unchanged, remove or update.
  • Selecting the modules by organizing data and contact information and customizing if needed.
  • Migrating customer information and sales process data
  • The data structure
CRM Integration Services

CRM Integration Services

  • Integrating CRM into your company website to bring valuable customer information.
  • Track the profitability of your new customer.
  • Enable you to get a holistic picture of the customer and understand what they want from your product or services.
  • Enable you to see the service model and problem areas.
Full-featured Custom CRM Development Services

Full-featured Custom CRM Development Services

  • Helps you identify customer touch points; before purchase, during purchase, after purchase.
  • Provides you all the necessary information and updates you about customers
  • Allows you to draw comprehensive business insights, customize your marketing and sales campaigns.
  • Helps you generate leads and enhance customer satisfaction.
CRM Development

Polosoft CRM Development and Management Life Cycle

Our CRM development process is transparent to the target market to attract prospective customers.

  • Consultation
  • Collection of business requirement
  • Analysis business
  • Development of a model for automation
  • Preparation of technical work
  • Architecture and Design
  • Approval
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Integration

Technology Stack Used for CRM Development

We use cutting edge python programming language and framework to deliver the best CRM software solution that full-fill your business needs and necessities.

CRM Technologies
  • .Net
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Node Js
  • Angular Js
  • Rails
  • Html ,Css, Js
  • JQuery
  • Java
  • Joomla
  • Linux
  • Java script

Industries we Serve CRM services

We deploy our custom CRM development services to the B2B and B2C industries.

Top Features for CRM Development Services

Essential CRM features that help you get started your CRM Journey.

Contact Management

Contact Management

Access and modify essential information of customers such as name, email address, phone number, work details, past communications, etc.

Lead Management

Lead Management

This allows you to identify prospects to follow up and send proposals.

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management

Gives you a holistic image of current leads, makes it easy to understand the status leads, and enables you to make better decisions to pursue the best lead.

Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting

Predicts future sales based on past and present data/trends that help you understand the customer pipeline to push sales.

Salesforce Automation

Salesforce Automation

Automating repetitive tasks such as outgoing calls and follow-up campaigns, organizing data for future campaigns saves your time and allows you to focus on complex tasks.

Email Management

Email Management

This allows you to compose, automate, send, and measure email campaigns by integrating your email with CRM.

File Storage and Sharing

File Storage and Sharing

Stores important and frequently required files or data in a centralized repository.

Benefits of Using Customized CRM Software in Your Business

Standard CRM software makes a few changes to the data structure. But if you choose customized CRM software, you can take many essential benefits.

  • Automate the repetitive task
  • Easily Navigate menu option
  • Get all the information you need in few clicks
  • Unlimited use of one single back and front-end stack.
  • Consolidate all important information in one place
  • Tracks customer’s purchase and sales details
  • Tracks every activity of the customer
CRM Benefits
Hire CRM Developer

Hire CRM developer

As a CRM development company, we have a team of qualified and experienced developers who work based on the client’s business requirements.

  • Offshore Development Center
  • Full-time Dedicated Project
  • Hourly Fixed Rate

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