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Food App Clone Script for Food Order and Delivery Business

Give your food business a kickstart with FOODLY.

FOODLY - Food App Clone Scripts for Android

Food order and delivery applications are one of the most trending businesses of this era giving rise to many clone scripts including Zomato clone script, Swiggy clone script and other food delivery clone scripts.

What will you get with FOODLY Clone Script?

Food Order

A customized application for your customers to order their favorite

Food Business Partner Application

Mobile Application for restaurant partners to receive orders from customers directly to their phone.

Food Delivery Partner Application

The delivery partners get all the notification and information regarding where to pick up delivery and where to deliver it.

User Interface Screen Images of FOODLY

Highlighting Features of the FOODLY

Our Food App clone has some exciting features that can persuade any user to engage with the platform.

Flexible Order Booking

A user can order food anytime and the restaurants will take the orders.

My Cart

The customer can add as many food items as he wants to his cart.

Order Management

The user can manage their order through the mobile application or web application.

Commission Management

With our commission management system, admin can track all the transactions while filtering for the restaurant commission.

White Label Solution

The script is ready to take whatever branding you want, from a new logo to a new appearance, a hook is ready for every feature.

Food Delivery Track

The user can track his order on the map until it arrives at his door.

Search Cuisines

Search for cuisines along with restaurants to find the best food for you.

Contact Driver

Once the delivery partner accepts the order, an user can contact the delivery partner over call or message.

Add to Cart

The food chosen is added to the cart and the user can change quantity, delete products or apply coupons.

Special Instruction

The user will have the option to give specifics about they want the food to be made or delivered and the hotels will have access to the information.

Social Media Login

The user has the option to login with the social accounts or sign in directly to the application.

Secure Payments

The application is ready to implement any payment gateway along with e-wallets and COD functionality.

Driver Availability

Driver can set their availability to take orders with one click.

In App Navigation

The driver can navigate his way to the user and to the restaurant.

Driver Earnings

The driver can find his earnings history and total earnings through the application.

Update Current Location

The drivers current location is constantly updated to make it easier for him to take nearby orders.

Profile Settings

By using the application, user can update his account with necessary information.

Job History

Displays the information of the previous jobs that the driver has taken along with the time and place of delivery.

Availability Status

Restaurants can set their availability for entire restaurant and specific food item.

Food Menu

Restaurants can organise their menu specific to the choice and cuisines availability.

Update Offers

Restaurants are equipped to start a offer to increase sales for the restaurant, restaurants can set the time limit for the offer period along with the offer amount/ percentage.

Order Status

The restaurant managers can update the status for every order as new order, confirmed order, order denied, order picked up from their application.

Driver Dispatch

The application will choose the best delivery partner based on their location and availability to ensure on time delivery.


With the analytics on board, admin can see the detailed earnings of the hour, day, month or year. Admin can also apply filters to see specific earnings for specific country or region.


Admin can start offer with different filters like region, purchase amount, and many other options.

Advanced Settings

Admin can change the currency, theme colour, area of operation, add or remove delivery partners, etc.

Restaurant Settings

Admins have the option to set commission value for each hotel, add new hotel or remove hotel.

Admins and Sub Admins Settings

Admins can create new admins or sub admins to look after the business while declaring their authority by applying different limitations on their access to the admin panel.

How FOODLY Works?

With FOODLY, customers can order their favorite food in no time and get hassle-free delivery, restaurants earn money on the takeaway, delivery partners earn their share, while you can make money on all the commissions.

While the admin can track every status of every order, respective agents will have the ability to check their part of the workflow in their respective applications.

Start Your Online Food Business in These Simple Steps:


Step 1

Customize and publish your food delivery application

Step 2

Start your food delivery service online

Step 3

Partner with restaurants.

Step 4

Register restaurants and their menus on your application.

Step 5

Partner with a delivery service.

Step 6

Once the order arrives, an auto notification comes to action to alert everyone.

Step 7

Restaurant owner pays commission on the total earnings of the day.

How Your Admin Dashboard Will Help You Run The Business?

Multiple City/Country

Manage and add city/country for the application growth and business growth.

Payment Report

Find all the payment reports, pending payment and payment history.

Generate Promo Code

Generate Promo codes with different filter settings.

Mass Notification

Send offer notification to application holders and increase sales.

Set Up Surge Pricing

You can also add timings for a city to incur surge price.

Interactive Statistics

Find all your important statistics needed to build strategy and generate reports.

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