LiDAR for Government

UAV LiDAR System Simplifies 3D Mapping and Modeling for Government Corridor.

LiDAR Mapping and Modeling for Government Projects

LiDAR technology has been used widely in federal, state and local government agencies for geospatial projects. The UAV LiDAR systems have managed many government data gathering projects because it is less expensive and more accurate.

In Government sector like municipal corporations, municipal councils, and municipal committees in various cities are using LiDAR technology to manage their property/land records and fast-track taxation processes. We provide all kinds of LiDAR and IT related services for urban planning and develop web-based applications for managing the data & resources digitally.

Our 3d mapping and modeling services help to bring positive differences in government decisions impacting transportation systems, infrastructure, urban development, homeland security, and environmental planning and monitoring.

LiDAR Mapping and Modeling for Government

LiDAR simplifies 3D mapping and modeling because it is a core part of many 3D information modeling projects thanks to the ability to quickly support the creation of 3D objects.

LiDAR is used in different government sectors such as flood risk management, infrastructure design, construction management, natural resources conservation, agriculture, and water supply management.

Work Process

Work Process

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