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Pole Loading Analysis

Accurate pole loading calculations are important when reporting to regulatory bodies for compliance purposes.
It has a heavy demand in utility sector for overhead structures, and safety compliance.

Pole Loading Analysis Services in GIS Mapping

Pole loading analysis is the physical checkup of a poll prior to any loading. The primary reason of pole loading analysis is to check if a pole can handle a new load or not. All the electrical regulatory bodies, including NESC (National Electric Safety Code) and many others go through a thorough weight load analysis for poles to check the weight that a pole can take.

For all the telecommunication and wireless companies who are eager to attach additional equipment to utility poles, it is more important than ever for the electric utility and telecommunication companies to know and follow the codes and regulations.

A pole loading analysis is required to ensure that all the safety compliances are met and the pole can take the load of the new attachments. Here at Polosoft, we have the expertise to perform all the analysis you need to get an approval from the regulatory bodies.

Pole Loading

Our Pole Loading analysis services allows you to:

  • Enhance your existing pole loading expertise and resources
  • Meet the guidelines of regulatory authorities for pole loading (related to storms, winds, fires, and hurricanes)
  • Locate and resolve damaged field assets
  • Ensure your load calculations are accurate to support proper designing
  • Incorporate pole loading as part of the 3rd party application process
  • Locate and replace overloaded poles prior to failure
  • Increase public safety
  • Increase system reliability
  • Locate and resolve illegal foreign attachments

Pole Loading analysis has seen greater use in recent years with the increase in demand for safety. Be it either telecommunication, power or energy industry, we excel in our services.

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