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Obtaining reliable information by interpreting and extracting information by converting 2D to 3D by using remote sensing and high speed photography.

Digital Photogrammetry Services in GIS

Digital Photogrammetry is the science of capturing the images of the earth's surface and generating digital terrain models (DTM), digital elevation model (DEM), digital surface models (DSM), 3D land models etc.

While aerial imagery helps with accurate measurement of land features, surface models and volumetric data, photogrammetric surveys provide an efficient and cost-effective means of developing topographic mapping for your project.

Industries That Use Digital Photogrammetry Are:Digital Photogrammetry

  • Land use studies
  • Vegetation analysis
  • Large scale wall displays
  • Customized maps
  • Impervious surface determination
  • ALTA surveys
  • FIRM updates
  • Volumetric computation
  • Stormwater management
  • Cut/Fill calculations

Our data technicians extract the elevations and geographical details of all the available physical features using strategically captured aerial and ground images. The received image will be matched, processed, computed, tonal balanced and geo-referenced to the ground control points to get the perfect stereo models and textured ground models.

After the mixed plan based footprints with the study area, the 3D Models will be attached with street, block and city level data. The semi-automatic approach of geo-spatial analysis allows creating augmented 3D city data models.

Polosoft has expertise with aerial acquisition using orthophotography. We use multiple technologies to ensure a better map, maintaining adherence with set quality standards while keeping the cost low for our clients.

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