GIS Map Data Digitization, Manual Digitizing, Heads-up Digitizing

Data Digitization

The ability to leverage map data can change the way organizations can operate, improving decision making and strengthening competitive advantages.

GIS Map Data Digitization Services

Data Digitization is the process of modifying any paper document into a digital file. This process saves you an ample amount of space and time.
GIS Data Digitization

Data Digitization Helps You In:

  • Search the document
  • Accessing the document
  • Retrieving the document
  • Distributing the document

Digitization services are mainly used for converting maps, sketches, schematic diagrams, or circuit diagrams into digital formats. Digitization services are also used in zonal maps, contour maps, cadastral maps, topographical maps and utility maps.

Types of GIS Map Digitization:

An analog signal or an image is represented by a discrete set of points known as Digitizing. This data after conversion is in the binary format, which is directly readable by a computer. You can convert a text, an image, audio or a video. The analog signals are variable whereas the digital format is the discrete one. There are four types of GIS data digitization.

Manual Digitizing: The operator manually traces all the lines from his hardcopy map and creates an identical digital map on the computer. It is time-consuming and the level of accuracy is also not good.

Heads-Up Digitizing: Lines need to be drawn manually but directly on the computer screen. Therefore the accuracy increases and the time also decreases.

Interactive Tracing Method: The speed and accuracy increase in this method, although it’s just an upgraded version of Heads-up digitizing.

Automatic Digitizing: Automatic raster to vector conversion using image processing and pattern recognition techniques.

With many years of experience in digitizing service, we have the experts who can handle any digitization work professionally, the various digitization services are:

  • 2D and 3D Digitization
  • Paper to CAD Conversion
  • Raster to Vector Conversion

We offer digital services such as complete CAD drafting, paper to CAD conversions, and 3D CAD modeling. The digitization services that we offer are made sure to meet global standards and therefore results in high precision and quality products.

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