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Enhance your Customer Service and Support with the best Salesforce Development company.


Salesforce Development Company

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM platforms that every small and large business can use to store customer data and generate more leads.

Reunite your marketing and sales team with Salesforce Customer 360. Set new capabilities with Polosoft, one of the best Salesforce development companies that help various industries to connect data across various platforms. From sales and marketing to services, we unified the platform to give you a 360-view of your customers and help you set customer-centric business. We help various industries by harnessing CRM platforms to keep customer problems at bay.

We understand every business perspective hence providing the Salesforce CRM that paves the way for a company that wants to run businesses on its own terms and conditions. We are experts in designing customizable Salesforce CRM so that every industry can keep customers engaged and happy everywhere you want.

Our Salesforce Development Services at Polosoft

Polosoft Salesforce consulting services are available for everyone to help companies to improve their business outcomes.

Salesforce system integration

Using Cloud API for Salesforce integration, Develops and deploys the integrations, Increase integration as per needs

Salesforce CRM Customization

Custom development, Adding robust features to applications, Using a CRM platform to have a scalable impact.

Salesforce Mobile App Development

Development of Salesforce backed mobile app, Integration of mobile apps and UI/UX in one place, Salesforce strategy for designing mobile applications.

Salesforce with AI

Better customers insights, Automate the workflow and process, Recommend the next steps

Salesforce Migration

Seamlessly migrate Salesforce data from one system to another, Data selection for migration, Data mapping for large numbers of data

Salesforce Optimization Services

Identification of areas for improving process, Page layout updation, Implement apps from appexchange

Salesforce Support and Maintenance Services

Constant maintenance for a smooth CRM, Deployment of Salesforce services to tailored needs.

Polosoft Salesforce Development Approach

We implement a strategy for the Salesforce development process to make it more streamlined for your business.

  • Planning & Documentation

    Planning & Documentation

    • Identifying of Business Goals
    • Formulating mission & vision of business
    • Identifying the owner & data involved in the application
  • Salesforce Process Analysis

    Salesforce Process Analysis

    • Identifying of Business Goals
    • Formulating mission & vision of business
    • Identifying the owner & data involved in the application
  • Salesforce development and integration

    Salesforce development and integration

    • Business logic integration
    • User interface integration
    • Data synchronization and integration
  • Testing for Salesforce

    Testing for Salesforce

    • Testing sandboxes and migrating code
    • QA testing for app features.
    • Preparing a final presentation for client approval
  • Salesforce Product launching

    Salesforce Product launching

    • Reduce sales friction & identify endpoints
    • Build flexible systems that make pivots easier
    • Analysis and pick the right moment for launch
  • Salesforce Migration

    Salesforce Migration

    • Data migration from legacy system to Salesforce
    • Consolidation of CRM systems
    • Backing up a customer master dataset

Technologies of salesforce development

Technologies of salesforce development
  • Small Business CRM Solution.
  • Custom App Development Service.
  • Salesforce Maintenance and Salesforce Support.
  • Salesforce migration solution.
  • Customize the Salesforce Mobile App.
  • Salesforce integration solution

Salesforce for small local businesses

CRM serves all types of enterprises as Salesforce is cloud-based so SMB has no need to invest in high-priced server architecture. The only thing you need to know about the usage of CRM in PC, laptop, and mobile devices.

For SMB, Salesforce provides great opportunities through its apps for Quip, apps for admins, Marketing Cloud, inbox, and others.

Investing in CRM helps companies communicate with prospective, current, and returning customers efficiently and improve Customer Satisfaction.

Salesforce for small local businesses
Benefits of Salesforce for every Business

Benefits of Salesforce for every Business

  • Effective lead generation.
  • High-Performance cloud infrastructure.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics.
  • Solving Integration Problems.
  • Mobile CRM facility

Industries Use Salesforce CRM Platform Most

  • Financial services
  • Healthcare and life sciences
  • Retail industry
  • Manufacturing & Consumer Goods
  • Communication and Media
  • Government

Hiring Models

Choose the right and flexible engagement models based on the project consultation. Once you select from hiring models, our team of experts and developers start working on Salesforce development.

  • Fixed Cost
  • Full Time Developers
  • Part Time Developers
  • Project Based
  • Offshore Development Center

At Polosoft, get the help of our professional Salesforce integration services for your business with its exclusive features and patterns. Our Salesforce integration services resulted in improving the efficiency and productivity of different businesses. Contact us at our email for more information.

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