LiDAR Power Line Corridor Mapping


Main purpose of the project was to extract all different features.

This project included following tasks.

  • Classification of Bare earth.
  • 3D Line Mapping

3d Mapping extracting of features included Building , Curb Top, Curb Bottom, Manhole, Light pole, Platform Rail Signals, Hydrants, Gate, Footpath, Garden, Electric Box, Fence, classification of Ground, Building, Bridges, Culvert, Water, Vegetation , Signs, Telephone Booth, Road Barriers, Railway power lines, Railway track, Rubbish Bin, Side entry Pit etc.,

Flow Chart

Flow Chart

Project Information

  • Category: LiDAR
  • Status: Complete
  • Year: 2016
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Manpower: 10
  • UOM Details: 500 Kms

Technology Used

Project Inputs

  • Point Cloud data
  • Specification Details
  • AOI
  • Ortho photos