GNSS Case Study

Product Requirement

GNSS (global navigation satellite system) is a application which has centimeter level of location accuracy for providing positioning systems.

Scope of the project

The Exact location is of utmost importance in countless industries, few industries which brings use of our GNSS application are Agricultural industry which uses GNSS for atomizing agricultural machines, military uses it to build more accurate defense system , survey industries for accurate readings of locations, surveillance teams for better management of high target locations, supply chain management industry for locating the on route ships and vehicles.

Key features

NTRIP(real time kinematics information), DIP(Direct IP), Multiple Constellation, multi language support, NMEA RAW data recording, internal GPS, MOC Location.


Product requirement

The scope of this project was to understand the far aspects of the application better, to implement powerful technology with a beautiful UI which enables us to build an effective GNSS mobile application.

Wireframe design.

After the complete requirement of the project was gathered, a layout for the application was developed taking into account the UI aspects as well as the scope of the application. A streamlined development process was designed.


With High level design documentation, the complete layout was documented and workflow of the application was finalised. High level documentation was followed by a low level design documentation where requirement for the process was well documented to better project the requirements for any step to be completed.

Clickable Version

Navigation part of the application was concluded along with UI

Functional development and testing

The complete development part was done thereafter to meet the scope of the project along with rigorous testing phase to ensure high accuracy and wide acceptability.

Project Information

  • Category : GIS Maping
  • Status : Complete
  • Client : Nokia
  • Date : 11 Feb, 2019
  • Tags : Mapping, Business

Technology Used

Java, Android, Bluetooth, TCP, Direct IP.


Investors, generating revenue, costly devices for data collection, fewer technical references on the internet, sometimes GNSS device behaves erratically, Incomplete and unrecognised NMEA data from GNSS device.

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