Marketing Analytics Services

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Marketing Analytics Solutions

Marketing analytics is the most efficient way to determine the ROI of marketing efforts from various data sources like blog posts, channel performance, and to identify opportunities for improvement. Marketing analytics are an integral part of both sales and marketing strategy.

Polosoft ensures a proven process on the marketing analytics that is carefully curated and properly implemented, the data collected can help a business of any size grow.

With proper marketing metrics and analytics in place, marketers can better comprehend the historical data performance, marketing activities, and forecast future results. To help every company to reach the right audience at the right time, Polosoft provides the best marketing analytics solutions to engage customers.We provide various analytics and metrics that help you understand your potential customers.

Tailor-made Services with Marketing Analytics

We provide marketing analytic services by leveraging the data to aid every business in making better marketing decisions.

Marketing Mix Modelling

Marketing Mix Modelling

We aim to maximize the ROI on the production, sales, and distribution of certain products or services.

  • Measurement of the potential value of marketing inputs.
  • Identification of marketing investments to produce long-term revenue growth.
Campaign and Promotion Analytics Services

Campaign and Promotion Analytics Services

We optimize your marketing campaigns with essential components of a campaign analysis by leveraging user-generated content.

  • With campaign analytics, companies can easily understand the financial framework for various campaigns and strategies to enact for peak performance.
  • Promotion analytics solutions enable businesses to analyze campaign success metrics and optimize in a systematic way.
Attribution Modeling

Attribution Modeling

We provide attribution models to support your marketing and business operation efficiently.

  • With advanced multi-channel attribution modeling solutions, you can determine the right way to convert.
  • With the help of marketing channel & campaign data in your CRM, your attribution model starts becoming actionable.

Our Big Data Marketing Analytics Process

We work step-wise- step to deliver the highest value and greatest rewards from marketing analytics.

  • Analyzation of marketing analytics

    Analyzation of marketing analytics

    • Using econometrics to create marketing activities and testing them by doing experiments.
    • Identifying and measuring the effects of marketing activities.
    • Setting up your objective function.
  • Connect the data across departments

    Connect the data across departments

    • Connecting the marketing data with other data sources within the organization.
    • Bring the online consumer interactions onto your customer database.
  • Set up the rules and analytics techniques

    Connect the data across departments

    • Identifying your models, strategy, and analytical techniques.
    • Find the data behind the data.
    • Analyze the historical data
    • Engage with real-time
  • Build the analytic strategy and actionable tasks

    Connect the data across departments

    • Identify the gaps to start developing the actionable tasks.
    • Build a data-driven strategy to bring the most profitable results.
  • Marketing Campaigns Analysis

    Marketing Campaigns Analysis

    • Test and evaluate the effect of marketing campaigns on your consumer and profit rate.
  • Build a professional analytics team

    Professional analytics team

    • Based on your business and data marketing technology, we approach our team of experts to build an effective data team.
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Polosoft Marketing Analytics Features & Capabilities

Our Key feature and capabilities of marketing analytics solutions are

  • Brand measurement capabilities
  • Customer-Level Data
  • Media Planning
  • Contextualized data to improve customer experience
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Coordinate online and offline attribution metrics

Benefits of Marketing Analytics for Business

  • Efficient marketing processes
  • Resource allocation
  • Finding future business opportunities
  • Improving decision making
  • Understanding consumer behavior

Polosoft Technologies uses business analytics in marketing that helps companies target customer needs by focusing their messaging or timing of a certain product or services on what is best for the consumer. Please email us for more details on your marketing analytics project.

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