Data visualization solutions

Leverage data visualisation and dashboard services to view your business in style.

Data Visualization Services

Transform boring and dry reports into memorable dashboard designs and discover key patterns, significant trends, and compelling correlations. The total amount of data created for business makes data visualization an essential part of business strategy. At Polosoft, we provide interactive data visualization services and help clients cope with information overload. We analyze and present Big Data sets in dashboards, infographics, graphs, heat maps, charts, and other visualizations.

Not only do we convert complex data into pixel-perfect reports but also create interactive dashboards to spot trends, track goal achievement, identify outliers and compare the performance of several categories, products, brands, etc. Our experts even can guide you with real-time insights to stay ahead through good visual storytelling.

Our Data Visualization and Dashboarding Services

Data Platform Development

Data Platform Development

We collect, store and analyze data by developing data platforms that provide a central place for a data warehouse, BI tools, etc. Our secure, efficient, and flexible central hub suits every company growing and changing needs.

Reports and dashboards development

Reports and dashboards development

Our team of experts is specialized in developing the most effective dashboard and reporting tools to control operations and better business planning.

Data visualization optimization

Data visualization optimization

For making better decisions, catching big gata in a format, our team of experts develops data visualization. From performance, optimization and the development of existing data systems to migrate one analytical system to another, we cover everything.

Data Visualization and Dashboard

Why is Data Visualization and Dashboard Important?

At Polosoft, we are always choosing the right techniques to extract meaningful insights that help your business.


We formulate the medium through which the data visualization is conveyed to your target audience and invoked them.


We take your data-loading approach to your content to help you develop a robust strategy to reap the opportunities from your customer action and preference.


In data visualization, we create contexts that turn into valuable data to help you make better decisions for your business.


We consider dynamic representation to create different views to the same data in real-time data visualization.


We aim to deliver meaningful data as valuable information to add benefits to companies when data gets visualized clearly.

Best Data Visualization Techniques We Follow

We always work on different data visualization techniques and consolidate features to deliver robust visualization.


It helps visualize data in a precise way and makes it easy for companies to get information to understand trends.


Plots allow the distribution of two or more data sets over a 2D or even 3D space to show the parameters on the plot.


We use maps to analyze and display geographically related data, building plans, website layouts, etc.

Diagrams and Matrices

The Matrix Diagram is used to demonstrate data relationships to give valuable information.

Data Visualization Techniques

Our Data Visualization Working Process

Our Technology and Platform

Looker. DataStudio . Tableau . Power BI . Domo . Qlik sense . DOMO

Technology Stack for Data Visualization and Dashboarding

  • Sisense
  • Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Microsoft PowerPivot
  • MicroStrategy
  • Microsoft Power View
  • Microsoft Excel
  • QlikView
  • Kyubit BI
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
  • Pentaho
  • Oracle Reports
  • JasperReports
  • Custom front-end environment

We establish a long term business relationship with clients and are committed to total customer satisfaction. Know your audience and choose visualizations that work best in communicating with that audience. Let's send your message to us.

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