Data Science

Unlock the valuable information from your databases and increase ROI with data science services

Data Science Consulting Services

Data science uses scientific methods, procedure, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from many structural and unstructured data. From historical comparison, analysis of the market to recommendation, data science discovers all hidden patterns from raw data to help companies to understand about their products and services.

Polosoft data science consultant is an expert who develops unique methodology using scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract actionable insights for your business. Data scientists and engineers at Polosoft give the best solutions to solve intricate challenges to improve your brand efiiciency.

Empower Your Business With Data Science and AI Technology

At Polosoft, We offer comprehensive analytics data science services to improve operational intelligence, enhance product quality, and increase business efficiency.

Data Science and Analytics

We can help you extract the valuable information by unlocking the analytics insights through our data sciences services and solutions like MI, AI and analytics.

Data Strategy

We enable business leaders to use and trust which data and time questioning the validity of data to achieve better results. We provide a data strategy to align with your business objectives to deliver tangible, measurable value.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence services help companies to gain visualisation that help to make better decisions by leveraging analytics.

AI Software Development

We integrate MI, AI and deep learning into your hardware, software, network resources and services to make more agile and strengthen business revenue.

Data Visualization

We use various methodologies that effectively expand audience understanding which results in increased ROI. Our methods such as infographics, analysis, survey, trend and much more.

Transform Your Business Decisions Through Insightful Data Structure

Our data scientists follow an effective act of approaching to meet deadlines to make our data science project successful.

Data Science Decision Making

Data Science Project Proposal

Once we receive projects, we discuss with our clients regarding different problems and find out solutions to employ data science.

Data Analyzation

In our next process we figure out what data exists to work on it and start tracking and recording possible data we need from your internal databases.

Data Experimentation

Once we consolidate all the data from your databases, we start working on your data to give you the best algorithm options, implementations to make your business more agile.

Agile methodologies for Data science development

Data science implementation requires an agile development process and we do it through A/B testing, and experiments to test the applications before releasing the final product.

Evaluate and Create Final Product

Machine learning systems are implemented and algorithm effectiveness is monitored to add new features or data points.

Customer Demand on Data Science Services

We do analyses, text mining, visualizations and predictions to apply our data science expertise and offer solutions to our clients.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

We consolidate, analyze big data to extract valuable information from your databases and deliver real time insights to help companies to make better decisions.

Text Mining, Text Analytics and NLP

Text Mining, Text Analytics and NLP

Text analytics and NLP unlock the business value from databases. Text analytics and NLP useful for various business applications, such as competitive analysis, and improving the quality of machine intelligence systems.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

We deploy computer vision to give you access to advanced algorithms. This process images and return information based on the visual features as per your need.

Predictive analysis

Predictive analysis

We deploy Predictive analytics to extract valuable information from existing sources of data, and determine patterns, and predict future trends and results. We use various techniques to make such predictions, like artificial intelligence, statistical modelling, machine learning, etc.

Data Science Solution

How Do We Provide Data Science Solutions to Businesses?

Our data science solutions give a better view of the business to make better decisions, define goals, identify opportunities and much more.

Finding Data

Evaluating your current plans and capabilities to define future goals to make suggestions for tools, technology, and architecture.


Improving previously built models to repeatedly enhance the quality of insights and to set up a data science environment.

Proof of Concept

We go step-by-step and start with a simple proof of concept to allow companies to learn and grasp the value that data Science can bring.

Useful Tools and Technology Stacks for Data Science

Tensorflow , Tableau , Redis , Plotly , Power BI , MuleSoft , Hadoop, Python , STORM , Spark , Apache HBASE

Industries We Are Transforming

We provide our data science solutions and services to every enterprise and startup to make better decisions.

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