GIS for Electricity

Planning, Analysis, Protection & Real-Time Energy Management System in Power Network.

GIS Services for Power Utilities (Electricity)

An electric distribution utility uses a network of physical facilities to supply power and energy to customers connected to those facilities throughout a geographic region. Every element of the distribution system features a physical location and associated data.

GIS Electricity

GIS Electricity

In order to plan, construct, maintain, operate and manage the electrical distribution network it is necessary to utilize this geospatial information. A geographic information system (GIS) is a convenient and powerful way to process this geospatial information and show it on a geographic map by the help of mapping.

A complete, elaborated electrical circuit connectivity model is crucial for designing and operation of the electrical network, Polosoft provides GIS mapping services which make it flexible and simple to maintain.

GIS electricity mapping services provide a numerous number of benefits to the electricity and power industry, including:

Damage Assessment Collector

Field staff can record locations, severity, and photos of damage from a mobile device where office staff can determine the scope of damage in real time.

Storm Vulnerability Assessment

Determine the effect a major storm can have on the existing electrical distribution network. Asses where and how to reinforce the network to minimize impact.

Pole Loading Analysis

Find out the extra load an existing pole can take and still sustain a healthy life.

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