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GIS Mapping Services


GIS Mapping - Polosoft Technologies creates highly detailed and convoluted GIS maps from given data by using satellite imagery with extracted vector data so that every inch of the terrain is regarded specifically. At Polosoft, we create, store and manage detailed GIS maps with regards to the  international standards ensuring accurate solutions that allows you to overcome tough challenges in your project.

There are Many Useful Features of GIS Mapping: GIS Parcel Mapping

  • The location of a feature and relationships with other features
  • Where are the most/least of some features exists
  • The density of a feature in a place
  • What is happening in an area of interest (AOI)
  • What is happening nearby a feature.
  • How a specific area has changed overtime( ex: water bodies etc)

GIS mapping services gets widely used across a variety of industries, including: Telecommunication, Power management, Water management, Town planning, Urban development, Natural resource management, and Transportation networks.

Our team is committed to quality control and provides complete Cadastral mapping, Topographical mapping, Parcel mapping, Indoor mapping, Utility mapping, Geological mapping services to our clients.

We make sure that the geo-spatial data maps supplied to our clients can be utilized in the most effective manner. On every GIS project, we implement ongoing data quality control to ensure that coordinate databases, foreign source data, such as geological and topographic maps, GIS data attributes creates a truly seamless GIS mapping environment.

Types Of GIS Mapping We Provide:

  • Cadastral mapping is a record for the details related to the properties in an area.
  • The maps prepared using cadastral mapping services helps in easy management of public land records.
  • National and local governmental bodies, real estate developers, architecture and engineering firms, industries can make use of cadastral mapping services for making better decisions.
  • Topographical mapping enables selecting smartest route from one place to other
  • In Topographical mapping we map a terrain with contour lines to understand a areas elevation better
  • Topographic maps are used for energy exploration, natural resource conservation, public works design, environmental management, commercial as well as residential planning, etc
  • Parcel mapping is the method in which land parcels are formed for effective and efficient land management.
  • Parcel mapping have a variety of implementation like land administration & land registration by urban and rural governing agencies.
  • Municipality planning & urban development.
  • Indoor mapping makes it easier for a user to navigate from one point to another within a building premise and save the user from being lost and clueless in a huge and complex building premise.
  • The smartphone users now expects the indoor plan of all the building’s on their smartphone therefore Polosoft creates indoor mapping for buildings worldwide
  • Utilities industries has extensive uses of geographic information system for remote sensing utility mapping services, and computer aided design and drafting technologies for cost effective functioning
  • Polosoft Technologies has huge expertise in providing GIS services for all utility sectors like electrical, water, gas, sewage & telecom.
  • Based on the integrated analysis with satellite data, geochemical data and geophysical data,geological mapping delivers early information related to bedrock geology, helping the geologists during the planning before field works,
  • Polosoft Technologies has huge expertise in providing GIS services in mining sectors and for companies and sectors who are into excavation and mineral management.

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